Trapped Coal Miners

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Rescue workers are burrowing through debris clogging a Mexican coal mine this morning in a desperate effort to reach some 65 trapped miners.

They've been trapped for more than a day by a gas explosion in the mine near the town of San Juan de Sabinas, Mexico. That's 85 miles southwest of Eagle Pass, Texas.

Rescue teams have failed so to make any contact with the trapped

The miners were carrying only six hours of oxygen with them when the explosion occurred early yesterday, and officials say it's not clear if they had access to fresh air.

Several other workers who were near the mine's entrance at the time of the explosion were able to escape alive and were treated for broken bones and burns.

Rescue teams worked round-the-clock as family members awaited for news, huddled near bonfires and wrapped in blankets to protect against the bitter cold outside the mine.