Hearne School Demolition

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A piece of Hearne history is going away soon. Demolition on the old high school started Tuesday as part of a school bond project for campus improvements. But for many residents the demolition is bitter sweet.

If you ever attended school in Hearne, chances are you took some classes in the old high school building. Built in 1963, the campus served as an elementary school, then a junior high, and after that, a high school.

Now it's being torn down to make way for a new elementary school.

" People feel like this is a long time coming. Right now we're in the process of going out for bids for the entire project," said Superintendent David Deaver.

Deaver and school board members are excited about the improvements for Hearne's schools, while some residents who went to school there are sad to see it go.

" It will be sad that the old building is gone, but the memories will still be there and the new building will be exciting to see and will improve our town a lot," said Luanne Lockhart, a Hearne graduate.

" There's a lot of mixed emotions. Everyone's glad to see progress, glad to see a new building take it's place," said Deaver.

" It's going to make a great improvement on the looks of the campuses and I think it's good for our children," said Beverly Nigliazzo.

The building should be completely demolished and the site cleared within a month. A bittersweet ending and new beginning.

Other improvement projects for the district include a new junior high school, band hall, gymnasium , and weight room. The new schools should be ready sometime in the fall of 2007.