Electronic Voting Machines New to Some Area Counties

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Voting in Grimes County has gone high-tech. Next month, for the first time, Grimes County voters will get to make their selections electronically.

County clerk David Pasket has been busy lately getting ready for the debut of the electronic machines.

"I have seen elections evolve to all types and descriptions, but I'd have to say this is the most exciting time for elections because we're going to totally electronic equipment," said David Pasket, Grimes County Clerk.

Before the new machines were rolled out, county employees and volunteers had to know the new system inside and out.

"Training went exceptionally well; the e-slate electronic voting equipment is very voter friendly," said Pasket.

Pasket says his only concern is that voters might be apprehensive or intimidated by electronic voting.

"I'm sure once they vote on it and go through it one time they will not have any problems with it," said Pasket.

Grimes County resident Dorothy Coleson and her husband Hobart were at the polls this afternoon. Before voting, they had a demonstration of how the work the machine.

"It will speed things up and if I can remember how to do it, it will be just great," said Dorothy Coleson, a Grimes County resident.

"It's not difficult, but it might take a little practice. But after this first time to use it I think it'll be pretty easy," said Hobart Coleson, a Grimes County resident.

The machines cost the county about $266,000, which was paid for through a grant from the state. Since the machines are completely electronic, it will reduce the time it takes to count votes and provide a more accurate count. Two features all voters can support.