Candidates for Brazos County Court at Law #1

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One race that's been drawing lots of attention in Brazos County is County Court at Law #1. The seat was open after former Judge Randy Michel pled guilty to abuse of capacity and resigned. Now four Republican lawyers and one Democrat are vying for the spot. Each candidate shared why they feel they're the best for the job.

With campaign signs all over town and early voting underway, the spot for Judge of County Court at Law #1 is being closely watched.

Jay Granberry, a prosecutor for the district attorney's office says he's the right man for the job.

"Eighty percent of this courtroom is devoted to family law and criminal law and I have the most extensive experience in those areas," said Granberry.

Another candidate who also works at the court house in the county attorney's office is Amanda Matzke.

"I not only know the cases that make up the majority of the docket in court 1, I'm also familiar with the docketing system. I'm familiar with the staff and the procedures so I would be able to come in and hit the ground running," said Matzke.

Not having any ties to the courthouse is why Attorney Bentley Nettles thinks he can be fair and impartial.

"I have extensive legal experience, I have unmatched judicial experience being a federal magistrate and additionally absolute independence and integrity," said Nettles.

Wes Hall has been practicing law for over 30 years and believes he is the most qualified candidate.

"I have a proven track record of resolving judicial controversies. I was a Justice of the Peace in Brazos County for 12 years and I'm the only candidate who's been previously elected to public office," said Hall.

All the candidates taut their legal experience. With four Republicans in the race, many believe a run off in April is likely.

The lone Democratic candidate, Allen Segal, will face the Republican winner in November.

"I'm apart of the community. I know the pulse of this community. It's a very conservative community, but it's a community that is just and it wants a just people sitting on its bench," said Segal.

Early voting ends March 3. Election Day is March 7.