Trey Davis Pleads Guilty

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While Trey's brother Chad was the mastermind behind the plot, prosecutors believed they could prove Trey helped plan the attack.

That was apparently enough to convince Trey to plea guilty to robbery and burglary of a habitation.

Thursday he was given two sentences.

"The court will find you guilty of the offense of robbery and the offense of burglary of a habitation in each of these cases the court will sentence you to serve a term of 20 years in the institutional division of the Texas department of criminal justice," 85th District Judge JD Langley said.

The two sentences will be served consecutively, based on his guilty plea, the plea agreement that was met, and exhibits admitted to the court.

"These charges more accurately reflect what his role," Defense Attorney Kent Shaffer said. "He was never involved in any planning to cause harm to Mr. Andrade, and he had no idea this man would be harmed in any way, much less killed."

In December Chad Davis was convicted to life in prison for hiring three men from Georgia to retrieve money allegedly stolen from Davis by rap producer Tommy Andrade. Andrade was shot and killed during the incident along with one of the hired men.

A capitol murder charge was not pursued with Trey Davis, because the district attorney's office says Trey was a lesser participant in the overall scheme.

"It's been in the works for quite a while," Assistant District Attorney Jay Granberry said. "This is a negotiated plea and we think the sentence reflects his participation in the murders."

Trey Davis was taken to Huntsville to begin his sentence today. As for the three hired men, Jesse Mancuso was killed during the incident, Bradley Padrick pleaded guilty to burglary and is now serving a 20-year prison sentence, and Boris Mogilevich is still at large.