CS Council Creates Funding Review Committee

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College Station now has a new way for outside agencies to request funding.

At Thursday evening's council meeting, the council approved the creation of a seven-person review committee to check on applications. The council would appoint those seven members, each of whom would serve three-year terms for no more than two consecutive terms.

The Outside Agency Funding Review Committee would made a recommendation to the city council, which would then vote for or against the funding request.

Currently, around 20 different agencies apply for money from College Station. Some of the notable ones include the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Arts Council of the Brazos Valley, and Keep Brazos Beautiful.

Some agencies would be exempt from going in front of the committee, including those which receive hotel-motel tax funds, or agencies with city council-appointed members.

In the case of agencies that receive funding, but not all of it as hotel-motel tax, they would have to appear before the review committee for non-hotel-motel funds.

Agencies exempt from going through the new committee would still have to appear before the city council.