BlackBerry Battle

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A hearing in Richmond, Virginia, Friday could determine the future of BlackBerry. At issue in the dispute is money.

A tiny company called NTP holds patents on technology being used in the enormously popular BlackBerry email device made by Research In Motion, or RIM.

The two sides can't get together on how much RIM should pay, so NTP wants a federal judge to issue an injunction that would effectively bring Blackberry sales to a halt, along with use by current owners.

Forrester Research telecom analyst Ellen Daley thinks there's about a 60-percent chance an injunction will be issued.

A lot of people, particularly those in high places in business and government, depend on the devices to keep them connected. But Daley says even if an injunction is issued to stop Blackberry operation, it would likely be stayed so NTP and RIM could reach a settlement.