Bonham Elementary Lends a Helping Hand

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"People I know don't have their homes anymore and it's very sad," Bonham Elementary teacher Frances Williams said.

Williams decided to help out the residents of Cross Plains, since she grew up in Callahan County.

"My dad's family was from Cross Plains so that's like helping my family," Williams said. "I feel very proud that my kids have supported me and my co-workers have supported me in doing this."

Bonham Elementary was looking for a service project and decided on this one.

Each month a new item is collected. One month it could be cleaning supplies, the next month it could be ordinary kitchen utensils. Then, after all the items are collected they're packed up and brought to Cross Plains.

"Nobody had places to live and our teacher told us to collect stuff so we did it," Fourth Grader Dalton Payne said.

"If our town burned down we'd want someone to help us so we're just lending a helping hand," Fourth Grader Auston Ellis said.

Williams has already made one trip to the devastated West Texas town, just outside of Abilene, and is working closely with the Cross Plains school district.

"She said they were grateful they got it from us," Ellis said.

"It makes me feel kind of like the home town girl who returns having done good you know," Williams said.

The drive will continue through Earth Day, and Williams will make her last delivery.

If you would like to donate items for victims of the Cross Plains fire,
you can contact Bonham Elementary for more information at 979-209-1200. They are also collecting empty soda cans for recycling. They are planning on using that money to buy gift cards.