Tireless Love for a Family and Home

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Michael was a loving son, brother, uncle and friend to many in this community. He will be remembered for his open heart, his smile and his optimistic, enthusiastic attitude. Generous with smiles and hugs, Michael loved everyone he met and was eager to offer a helping hand and encouraging words to those in need. His sponaneity, energy and enthusiasm were an inspiration to those who were lucky enough to cross his path. Michael's strong faith in God and his belief in God's plan was an encouragement to his friends and family, and helps to bring peace and comfort to those who loved him dearly."
-Michael Gutierrez's family and friends

The Gutierrez family is privately mourning the loss of the fourth youngest of 12 siblings, Michael, born into the business of tires, tireless in his love of life and others, like his brother, Bobby.

"He was there for everybody," Bobby remembered. "It's a tough time for everybody."

Everybody who stepped in House of Tires for the majority of Michael's 25 years probably remembers him.

"Full of energy," Bobby described him. "People probably remember him running from side to side in front of the shop. He was an amazing kid."

And that kid was in Houston to continue the family business. He and another brother were looking at opening their own House of Tires some 90 minutes from the one they learned their family craft at.

"He was just excited and ready for the second part of his life," Bobby said. "He was already telling all of his friends they were going to be a part of it."

But outside a Houston club Wednesday night, for an unexplained reason, by an unidentified assailant, Michael was taken from his family, while leaving a legacy never to be taken.

"Everybody that knew him, everybody that saw him, he never met a stranger," Bobby said. "He had a hug for everybody. He had a smile for everybody."

And just as Michael loved his family, his parents, Al and Yolanda, and his friends, a similar love is being shown to this privately mourning family, humbled by a community's support.

"It makes you have a whole different reason for being here in this community," Bobby said. "It makes you think differently. We're going to look at people differently. We love where we're at."

Just as one son of Bryan did, with a tireless faith and smile.

"We really encourage that anybody else that has to go through this, we hope and pray that they have the same feelings we have, and that people stand out for them the same way they have for us," Bobby said.

A funeral service for Michael Gutierrez is set for Sunday at 1pm at St. Joseph Church in Bryan, with a viewing scheduled for Saturday from 5 to 9pm at the Memorial Funeral Home.

Houston Police are still investigating the Wednesday night shooting outside a club on the Katy Freeway. The 25-year-old was shot in the back. Witnesses only heard the shot, and then saw Gutierrez fall.

Unfortunately, Michael Gutierrez's death is the second violent incident at the same Houston entertainment complex. Thursday night, a man was stabbed while at a club there. He was last listed in stable condition.

There are no suspects in either case.