Church Tries To Rebuild After Fire

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"They destroyed our building, but they didn't destroy our faith," said Rev. Jesse Brown, pastor, Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church.

Pastor Jesse Brown and members of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church came together for the first time Sunday, since a fire destroyed their church.

One member remembers watching the church burn just a few weeks ago.

"I kept seeing the blaze coming up and my church burning down," said Verna Manley, member.

Brown and about a dozen members spent the afternoon in a business meeting trying to determine where to go next. The church was not insured, but that isn't going to hold them back.

"We should not have any problem at all rebuilding, we're letting God lead us on to higher heights," said Brown.

"We'll just try to start from scratch and build back up again, this is what God wants us to do," said Manley.

When looking at church remains, members use words like empty and sad to describe their feelings. But they say they'll do whatever it takes to see the church re-built.

"Whatever I can do I'm willing to help," said Manley.

"I'll be there, I'll be there from the bottom up. Whatever they need me to do," Glen Monroe, member.

That positive attitude is shared by members of the community who have already offered support.

"The community is God sent, because everybody has offered their help," said Brown.

Mt. Zion was established 1867 by newly freed slaves, in their meeting today they used the same determination they were founded on to come together and start planning for the future.