Recovering from Katrina

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A prominent New Orleans restauranteur says Mardi Gras is critical to the city's emotional recovery.

Clark Brennan, the general manager of the famous Brennan's restaurant in the French Quarter, says Hurricane Katrina has damaged the spirit of the people. He says they need the solace that familiar traditions often provide. Brennan says "when these beautiful floats come down the street, you can forget your problems for a little bit and say throw me something mister."

Brennan says city and state officials have to do more to reassure displaced New Orleans residents that it's O-K to come back. That means putting essential services in order, so people can rebuild.

Brennan's home and restaurant flooded following Katrina. He says he had to throw out more than one (m) million dollars of wine, brandy and cognac, some dating to the mid-1800's.