George Bush Presidential Library Gets Makeover

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The George Bush Presidential Library is getting an $8 million facelift.

"We are in fact meeting with the exhibit designers all this week. We'll meet with them about once a month until March 07," said Warren Finch of the George Bush Presidential Library.

That's when the renovations start. The core of the museum will close, but some exhibits will remain on display.

"We will close down the permanent core exhibit begin tearing everything out and the exhibits that are being fabricated in California will be put into the museum," said Finch.

The museum currently has about a dozen interactive displays, with the renovations that number will increase ten fold. The redesign will also include state of the art technology, such as portable audio wands and flat screen TVs. Once complete, this will be the only Presidential Library to have a White House situation room and a mock Oval Office where visitors can sit behind the president’s desk. The museum will now also include a more personal look into Bush's life.

"A portion of the exhibit now covers the death of his daughter from Leukemia at age three," said Finch.

Library officials hope these changes will also bring more tourists to the area and provide an economic boost to the local economy. Construction is scheduled to begin about a year from now and will be completed by November 07, just in time to celebrate the library's 10th anniversary.