Enron Trial

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A former Enron in-house accountant struggled with tears Tuesday as she testified how she struggled with company bosses for honest financial reporting.

Wanda Curry was assigned to analyze chaotic billing and losses in the company's retail division. She says she felt her bosses discriminated against her because she pushed for honest accounting.

Her testimony came Tuesday in the federal fraud and conspiracy trial in Houston of Enron founder Kenneth Lay and former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling.

Under cross-examination, she said the retail division was in disarray for two reasons. One was the discovery under an Enron trader's desk of tens of (M) millions of dollars in uncashed checks from a California utility. The other was because of overvalued contracts to provide energy services.

She and her team revalued contracts, reducing them to more realistic numbers that were lower than the profits the unit had booked.

Lay and Skilling say there was no fraud at Enron.