Brazos Valley Narcotics Task Force

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In a specially called workshop, Brazos County Commissioners heard the fate of narcotics enforcement in the county.

"As of March 31st we will be receiving no more money from the governor's office to fund the task force," Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk said.

The Brazos Valley Narcotics Task Force was founded in 1984 and soon went multi-county in 1988. Now serving Brazos, Madison, Grimes, and Burleson counties, the team's main goal is to crack down on the area's drug problem. But without state funding, the future of the force is not bright.

"One of the options is if we don't find any other money than the task force will cease to exist," Kirk said.

When the end of March rolls around, the task force will only have 300-thousand dollars, built up over time in the Sheriff's Crime Fund. That's a small amount, however, to what they need. According to Sheriff Chris Kirk, it takes about 325-thousand dollars to function for six months.

That leaves them with few options, either relying on local funding or looking for grant money.

If nothing pans out, the force could disband, meaning a loss of 157 years of law enforcement experience plus a big blow to the rural communities.

"It's a very effective and efficient way to fight the narcotics problem and I believe that to lose that type of unit at this point in time would be devastating," Kirk said.