Highway 6 Safety Upgrades

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A dangerous piece of roadway is on its way to becoming safer for everyone. Many fatal head on collisions have happened on Highway 6 between the Millican exit and the Navasota River. But a sign of a change took place on Tuesday.

" Whenever we get a call out here it is a concern. It's dreadful the way people have died out here," said Jim Barker, a volunteer fire fighter for South Brazos County.

Barker hopes he'll be responding to less fatalities soon. He's been called out to many accidents along the stretch of Highway 6 between FM 159 and the Navasota River.

A $100 million widening project for the roadway has been a long time coming. Plans include reconstructing the 7 mile stretch into a divided, 4 lane expressway with over and under passes.

" Almost everyone recognized that this was a needed project. So I'm delighted that it's fully funded today and the project is finally off the ground," said Senator Steve Ogden.

At a groundbreaking ceremony, Senator Ogden said he was prompted to lobby for funding for the project by a concerned citizen.

" Over the past 4years there's been 26 fatalities out here and 250 injury accidents and this project will go along way in making that a historical number," said Ogden.

Barker along with others are excited to see the first signs of construction. The project should take about 4 years to complete.

" Hopefully it will be the safest piece of road in Texas. That's what we're wishing for," said Barker.

There will be partial lane closures during the project. TX-DOT wants to remind motorists to be patient and cautious when driving through construction zones.