Escape School Program

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Some local elementary school students are now better informed on how to escape dangerous situations. They learned some useful techniques at a safety program on Wednesday.

Although it was just a demonstration, the reality of child abductions is all too real.

Rock Prairie Elementary students learned techniques in escape school. The presentation is designed to help kids and parents recognize and avoid dangerous situations.

"It's so important that the children know how to make themselves aware and how to protect themselves should the need arise," said Bill Wilcox, an instructor.

Wilcox goes all over the country teaching kids to make smart choices when encountered by a stranger. He believes the program is effective.

"We have documented three lives saved throughout the presentation of this program, and that's quite an accomplishment," said Wilcox.

While the students had fun and laughed during the presentation they also learned some valuable information like the different tricks abductors use to lure children and some aggressive tactics on how to get away.

Although there have been no reports of child abductions in our area recently, parents and educators fear it could happen. They believe this type of hands on educational program can help prevent it.

"I thought the role playing really got the students involved. To see their peers acting out those kinds of situations, I think it will help them remember," said Brenda Germainis, a Rock Prairie Elementary school counselor and parent.

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