Fastow to Testify

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A much-anticipated faceoff at the Enron fraud and conspiracy trial in Houston is set for next week.

That's when former chief financial officer Andrew Fastow is expected to take the stand against his former bosses, Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling.

Fastow is serving a ten-year sentence for conspiracy for using off-the-books partnerships to help manipulate Enron's reported earnings while skimming (m) millions for himself.

Fastow will make his first public statements about his admitted crimes at Enron. His testimony could be devastating to his former bosses, who insist that they did nothing wrong and that no fraud occurred at the company.

Thursday, there will be more testimony from a former high-ranking trading and retail-energy executive. David Delainey says he, Skilling and others lied about Enron's financial health as part of a conspiracy to defraud investors.