The Meaning of "The Car in the Wall"

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Authorities in Bryan are still looking into the bizarre Trans Am crash into a southside apartment complex Saturday.

While the driver did leave insurance information at the scene before he left it, police are still investigating if other charges can be filed. But the crash is taking on folklore status with each passing day.

It's funny how a car in the wall can mean so many things to so many people.

It's obviously meant something to the person living there, who's since temporarily moved out because of the questionable structural integrity. There are fears the building could come down when the car comes out.

"That makes sense," said neighbor Tobias Toland. "I was kind of surprised, though. I figured it would be gone within a day or something."

For many, the car in the wall has become a tourist attraction. Toland lives in an townhouse close by, and brought his friends to see the scene.

"I called my other friend and said, 'you've got to come see this,' just because there's a car smashed into the building," Toland said. "It's something you don't see very often."

For local writer Brent Zwerneman, the car in the wall is garbage. He lends a hand picking up trash around his apartment, though the car in the wall is a bit beyond his capabilities.

"I guess I could try and bring the dumpster over here," he said.

"Apparently, he fled the scene," Zwerneman said of the driver. "We always wait and see if the owner's come back around and reach into the glove compartment and get some things."

But then there's a mother and son, Jennifer and Matthew Moreland, who stopped by Thursday. To Mom, the car in the wall is a lesson to teach a child raring to drive, she hopes, safely.

"I can tell him all the stories that I want while he's growing up," Jennifer said, "but to see something that truly happened that could have killed people is the ultimate teaching tool."

"I would never drink," Matthew said after his lesson. "I never thought I ever would. I hope I drive safely like my mother."

It's amazing how a car in the wall can mean something to everyone.

Both the owner of that apartment and authorities are asking that you not tamper with the accident scene. Insurance claims will be conducted to determine the cost of removing the car.