Gas Prices Plateau

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Four weeks of declining Texas gas prices ended this week as average prices remained virtually unchanged this week.

The Triple-A Texas gas price survey released today shows price trends varied around the state. But it shows the statewide average retail price of regular self-serve gasoline remained virtually unchanged at two dollars 15 cents per gallon.

The most expensive gas this week is in Beaumont, where it averaged two dollars 16 cents per gallon -- down a penny. The cheapest is in Corpus Christi, where it averaged two dollars six cents per gallon -- despite a three cent increase that was the biggest in this week's survey.

Fuel prices fell up to three cents per gallon in Galveston-Texas City, where they averaged two dollars 14 cents per gallon today.

The national average retail price is two dollars 26 cents -- up a penny.

Auto club spokesman Jeffrey Spring says gas prices began inching back up in much of the state late this week -- which he says is customary as winter moves toward spring.