School Finance

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The chairman of the state House Public Education Committee has promised to resign if the Legislature doesn't fix the state school finance problems this spring.

Republican State Representative Kent Grusendorf made the promise to a PTA council yesterday in his hometown of Arlington.

A statement issued by Grusendorf's office said the promise is meant to demonstrate Grusendorf's "resolve to fix one of the state's most critical problems."

Grusendorf said many of those who opposed three previous education bills he's backed unsuccessfully were counting on the state Supreme Court to mandate a tax increase. Instead, the court imposed June First deadline to implement a new school finance system. That set the stage for a spring special session GovernorRick Perry is expected to call after Tuesday's primaries.

In Grusendorf's words -- "The court has spoken, the litigation has a final resolution, and obstruction is no longer an option.

Grusendorf's a former member of the state Board of Education has served in the House since 1987.