Old Park, New Name

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The park adjacent to the Wellborn Community Center in Wellborn has been nameless for 13 years. But Sunday that changed, the park was named in honor of local leader and community icon A.P. Boyd.

"He's just an inspiration to all of us cause he gives back to his community so much," said Ron Treat, Wellborn Lion's Club.

When the Wellborn Lions Club decided to build the park more than a decade ago, they didn't have any playground equipment. Boyd quickly solved that problem.

"It was there and I knew the Lions Club needed it so I bought it. I didn't need any other reason, I just bought it," said A.P. Boyd, Lions Club Member/Honoree.

Boyd had no idea the community was planning to name the park after him, until Sunday. He admits when he arrived at the dedication ceremony and saw the crowd tears came to his eyes.

"They're tears of joy and love that the friends I have showed up here for me today," Boyd.

Giving to the community has always been second nature to Boyd. He was the charter president for the local Lion's Club, he served on the water and community center boards and was even fire commissioner.

"He's been involved in every facet of the community," said Treat.

"I just wanted to give back to the community what the community always gave me. That's good neighbors, good friends, what can you do but be a part of it," said Boyd.

At the ceremony Boyd was presented with a Texas flag from Senator Ogden and letter from Governor Perry thanking him for his service. Now an old park has a new name in honor of the man that made it possible.