Fastow Set to Testify In Enron Trial

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HOUSTON (AP) - The Enron financial whiz later blamed in the company's downfall is expected to break his silence this week
testifying against his former bosses.

A spokesman for Andrew Fastow said Fastow believes Enron founder
Kenneth Lay and former Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling have scapegoated him.

He added that former CFO Fastow-- implicated in schemes to hide Enron losses-- wants to bring the two company heads down with him.

Lay and Skilling begin their sixth week on trial on fraud and conspiracy charges stemming from the company's 2001 collapse.

They could face decades in prison if convicted.

Lay and Skilling have argued that Fastow and two other executives masterminded the fraud at Enron.

Fastow is expected to fight back when he takes the stand as early as Tuesday.

Fastow was indicted on 98 criminal counts in 2002.

He has agreed to a ten-year prison sentence in exchange for
giving evidence and testimony against Lay and Skilling.