District 17 Race

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In the final hours before election day, Tucker Anderson and Van Taylor's camps were making last minute preparations in the battle to win the Republican primary for the District 17 congressional race.

Monday, Anderson said, "We're making sure polling places are fully staffed here tomorrow... we'll have supporters who are handing out cards and asking people to vote for Tucker when they go to the polls."

His opponent, Taylor, was equally committed.

"We're working on encouraging all the people who have committed to vote for Van Taylor," Taylor said. "We want them to go to the polls and vote for Van Taylor for Congress."

Anderson, a Robertson County native, is focusing his campaign on securing the borders, cutting taxes, and looking locally. He wants to work on improving transportation and winning a federal courthouse in Brazos County.

"I think that it would help us further our foundation as an economic center here," Anderson said. "Having a judicial center here would help us have a larger federal presence."

Taylor, also a Texas native, and former marine, promises, if elected, he'll focus on the economy. He wants to work on lowering taxes, and upholding conservative beliefs.

"My experience as a marine, as a businessman, speak to the challenges of securing our borders winning the war on terror, and growing our economy, balancing our budget as a family man I'll fight for traditional values," Taylor said.

Taylor and Anderson are vying for the chance to face democratic incumbent Chet Edwards in the fall. Both say they're looking to a victory Tuesday night.

KBTX will have complete election coverage Tuesday night. For more information on the 2006 primaries, go to KBTX-dot-com.