Aggie Ball Means Aggies' Bucks

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The snowball is just getting rolling for basketball merchandise. In the coming days, as the men and women enter playoff play, sales are expected to avalanche, much like they did for the NIT runs last year.

"We had a huge rush at that time. We sold a lot of NIT T-shirts pretty quick," said Anne Saner with the MSC Bookstore. "We've kind of seen that same reaction this year, this basketball go-around."

But there is the potential, for the first time in history, that the men's and women's basketball teams would make their respective NCAA tournaments.

There's definitely a lot of merchandise that they hope gets sold in the playoff run for these basketball teams. There's jerseys, there's novelty items, and then there's the T-shirt, of which they have ordered many different types. Of course, they don't know how far the Aggies will go in post-season play, so orders are in for NIT shirts, all the way to the Aggies in the Final Four.

"Anytime there's new excitement on campus, it catches on and brings in new fans and new customers that wouldn't normally be willing to support," said Saner.

That includes students Haley Kennedy and Ashley White, who have never counted themselves among the Reed Rowdies, but have joined in on the groundswell of support.

"Making it to the playoffs is really awesome," Kennedy said. "I only went to one game, but it definitely makes me want to go to more games and buy a really awesome shirt to support the Aggies."

"The success of the basketball teams has made Aggies want to support their team even more," said White, "and I feel like I want to support them even more, too."

Support that could turn in to big wins, and tens of thousands of dollars for area merchants.

On a yearly basis, the MSC bookstore puts more than a million dollars back into A&M's pockets from sales.

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