Voter Turnout Slim

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A light turnout is expected statewide for Tuesdays Democratic and Republican primaries. Only about 4 percent of the 85,000 registered voters in Brazos County voted early, most of those voting in the Republican races.

The ballot for the March primary is full of candidates vying for top positions in state and local government. Many voters say the race for governor and the 4 Republican races for judge-ships in Brazos County is what is bringing them to the polls.

" I thought it was really important to come out and vote in this election," said Sarah Sellers, a Brazos County voter.

" It should draw them out. I think more people will come out if they actually understand the significance of it, said election official, Paul Peterson.

Peterson has been manning the polls at the Brazos County Health Department for the past 3 years. Only about 50 people had voted there at lunchtime, but Peterson expects it to pick up after 5 as people get off of work.

It's been about average, about normal expectation for this particular area," said Peterson.

Many voters say they'll be eagerly awaiting the results Tuesday night to see if their vote made a difference.