Baby Sexually Assaulted

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A registered sex offender is in the Brazos County jail, accused of sexually assaulting a 13 month old baby. Now the baby is fighting for her life, listed in critical condition at Scott and White in Temple with multiple fractures and bruises.

23 year old Jerry Rangel was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and aggravated assault causing bodily injury.

Detectives say Rangel just moved to Bryan from Arlington and had until Friday March 10th to register as a sex offender in Brazos County. The baby's grandmother told police she came home and found Rangel asleep in the same room as the injured baby.

Rangel told authorities he doesn't know what happened to the little girl, but admitted he'd been drinking and doing drugs hours before the alleged incident.

"At this point the witness have been cooperative with the police efforts ti investigate this crime," said Jillian Garza with the Bryan police department.

Rangel previously served 8 years at Texas Youth commission for aggravated sexually assault of an 11 year old girl.

His bond has been at $750,000 for each charge. Police continue to investigate.