Fastow Testimony Continues

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The architect of Enron's financial schemes is due back on the stand in Houston Wednesday for the second of several expected days of testimony.

Former Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow spent day one testifying against his old boss, former CEO Jeffrey Skilling. He said Skilling loved the deals that helped lead to Enron's collapse, once telling him, "Get me as much of that juice as you can." But he added that his boss didn't want to know "the footnotes" of the arrangements. The partnerships allowed the energy trading company to inflate profits and hide losses.

Fastow fought back tears as he talked about his wife, who's already done a year in prison for a tax crime. He hasn't yet testified about the other former executive on trial for fraud and conspiracy, Enron founder Kenneth Lay.

Fastow is testifying as part of a plea deal that will limit him to ten years in prison.