Robertson County Elections

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"With any new software program it just takes time learning and getting used to and we had some minor problems there," Robertson County Election Administrator Trudy Hancock said.

Those computer problems caused a long night for Hancock and her staff as they worked into the morning.

Candidates gathered in the courthouse hallway waiting for election results to be posted on a board, but when that never happened they went home. Final results were posted at 4 o'clock in the morning.

"It’s just hard when you have all new things it just happens," Trudy Hancock said.

It was the first time Robertson County voters used Automark machines, added to comply with disability regulations. After polls closed a total sheet was printed from each machine, and a vote counting card was removed. That was the problem. Trudy says the card totals did not match the print out, and it took hours to figure everything out.

"We just want to make sure we get the proper information out there," Hancock said. "We don't want anyone going home thinking they're a winner then they get a call saying sorry. We just want to give out right information."

Hancock admits it was frustrating. The secretary of state's office started calling at 8 to see what the problem was, and she knew folks might be thinking it was caused by voter fraud, since accusations have surfaced in the county in the past. But, she says this was not the problem.

"To my knowledge we didn't have any problems with voter fraud," Hancock said. "That was not an issue Tuesday night, it was just new computer programming and new equipment. We just wanted to make sure everything was properly done."

The voting machines are now stored away until November, when Hancock hopes everything will run smoothly.