Former Court Coordinator Alleges Sexual Harassment by Judge

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A former Brazos County court coordinator has resigned her position, alleging she was sexually harassed by a sitting district judge.

Gaye Lynn Sanders turned in her letter of resignation to 85th District Judge J.D. Langley on March 6, the day before the primary election.

In her letter she says, "On several occasions you have made me feel uncomfortable." She continues, "This is not the first time that you have made me feel uncomfortable. I find myself afraid to be alone with you."

She then goes on to describe specific instances in which she suggests she was sexually harassed.

Judge Langley says the timing of Sanders' resignation is suspicious and seems politically motivated since it happened so close to election day -- something Sanders denies.

Judge Langley says he was surprised by Sanders' allegations.

"I didn't agree with the characterization she has made or the conclusions that she has drawn and I certainly had no indication from her that there was anything like this before I received the letter which she did not deliver to me personally. She also did not follow the county policies in reporting this to the appropriate personnel before jumping to the extreme measure of resigning," he said.

Sanders says she's been in contact with an attorney but hasn't decided if she will file a formal complaint.

Judge Langley will face attorney David Barron in a runoff election in April.