Brown Chosen as CS City Manager

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What can Brown do for College Station?

The city council wants to find out.

Thursday night, councilmembers unanimously approved Interim City Manager Glenn Brown to take the job full time.

"I'm very appreciative of the city council having confidence in me to appoint me the new city manager," Brown said just minutes after the 7-0 vote in his favor. "I consider it a great honor."

Brown previously served as the city manager of Kerrville, Texas. He was there 14 years, but has been in the assistant manager role in College Station since 2000. Brown said that experience in town probably played a role in him being chosen.

"There's always the downside of maybe them knowing you too well," he said, "but I think it worked to my benefit that I was a known quality, and that there was going to be no surprises."

The city manager's spot has been open since the Tom Brymer fiasco ended with his resignation. Brown said the wounds are being healed at city hall, and that he's ready for a busy next few months of work.

"As soon as we can, in the next couple of weeks, I'd like to do a strategic planning retreat with the management team, go off and start developing a strategic plan to focus on some of the areas needing attention," Brown said. "Budgeting is coming up. Comp plan amendments are coming up."

Brown was one of five finalists chosen earlier this year. Last week, the five was reduced to three, with Pearland City Manager Bill Eisen, and former Virginia Beach Assistant City Manager Steven Thompson.