Presdient's Nephew Takes a Stand

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Pierce Bush --the 19-year-old nephew of President Bush-- supports his uncle's position on the D-P World deal. And he's speaking his mind about it.

In an e-mail letter to the Houston Chronicle, the University of Texas student defended the president's position to allow the Dubai-based company to assume operations at six US ports.

A political firestorm erupted over the plan, and DP World abandoned the deal yesterday in the face of congressional opposition.

Pierce Bush wrote that opposing the deal sent an "ignorant and offensive" message that the company was being discriminated
against because it is Arab.

The Chronicle published the letter after verifying its author.

Pierce Bush is the son of Neil Bush, the president's brother, and Sharon Bush of Houston.

He told the Chronicle that he didn't write the letter because of his relationship to the president but that he's a --quote-- "strong supporter of my uncle's values."