Former Plano Minister Bonds Out of Two Jails

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A former Plano minister accused of trying to solicit sex from a 13 year-old has bonded out of the Brazos County jail, and has been extradited to Louisiana.

In June, Barron's bond was set at $60,000 for four additional charges of online solicitation of minor in Brazos County. After bonding out Thursday afternoon, Barron was transported to Louisiana where he was wanted for similar charges. One charge of computer aided solicitation, and one charge of indecent behavior.

The bonds for those crimes were set at $100,000. However, Caddo Parrish officials say Barron's bond was reduced Thursday evening to $12,684 for each charge.

Barron was booked in Caddo Parrish, but bonded out Thursday.

Barron was first arrested in Bryan in May, after police say he drove more than three hours to have sex with who he thought was a 13 year-old girl. No trial date has been set for Barron.