Three Restaurants Temporarily Shut Down

It was a tough week for Brazos County health inspectors. Three restaurants received failing grades.

Tampico had its permit temporarily suspended because there were more than ten live roaches in a kitchen cabinet.

Atami Steak and Sushi may be fairly new, but is already forced to close for 24 hours because of rusty spoons, dirty knives, fish stored on the floor and a sushi cooler not cold enough.

Inspectors also suspended Ozona Bar and Grill's permit for a day due to files, moldy lemons and dirty drink nozzles.

It's not a signature score for Kroger on Boonville. Moldy fruit, flies in the deli, and a dirty knife resulted in a 76.

It's an 81 for Casa Ole at Post Oak Mall for having too many flies and no hot water in the employee restroom.

Just two points higher, Johnny Carino's scored an 83. The Italian restaurant was told not to serve tomatoes from Mexico until given approval from its distributor.

And our top score of the week goes to Cafe Eccell with a 97.

The complete inspection list can be found above.