9-11 Memorial Construction to Begin

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New York Governor George Pataki calls today's start of construction on a Nine-Eleven memorial site "a very important milestone."

There's no groundbreaking planned for several weeks, but prep work is to begin today for the Nine-Eleven memorial at the World Trade Center, as opponents head to court to try to stop it.

Ten workers will begin cleaning the site today, checking the World Trade Center footprints for damage and installing protective coverings over parts of the original foundation.

Some Nine-Eleven families that oppose the underground memorial design are trying to stop the construction before it is set in concrete. The Coalition of Nine-eleven Families has filed a lawsuit charging that the memorial would damage the historic footprints.

Preservation groups have made similar arguments in letters to rebuilding officials. A court hearing is scheduled today and other family members plan a protest rally.

Officials have said they want to build the memorial by 2009.