Fire Damaged Church Gets Some Spring Break Construction

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Many students are spending their Spring Break getting a little R and R, but not these high school students. Twenty-five youth members from First Baptist Church in Bryan are staying in town, rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty by helping to rebuild the Fairview Baptist Church.

"I'd just be sleeping at home watching TV and stuff, so it’s good to come here and have fun with my youth group," said Kelly Andrick, volunteer.

"We're painting and helping them fix up this church so they can get back to their normal worship," said Katie Westmoreland, volunteer.

"Some people are painting other people are taking insulation out of the roof area," said Britney Burback, volunteer.

The church was destroyed in a fire last December and needs to be totally redone. For students, the work is tough, but rewarding.

"It just feels good to help other people," said Colton Barnes, volunteer.

"As Christians, we should be helping others. It's just a good feeling to come out here and get to do something for someone else," said Burback.

David Gusewelle with First Baptist says the pastor of Fairview approached them for help soon after the fire. Without hesitation they accepted, and plan on seeing the project through to completion.

"We can provide man power; we can provide some financial support and just some of the basics that need to happen. I think it's important that we all work together," said David Gusewelle, business manager, First Baptist Church.

First Baptist members aren't just rebuilding the church from a construction standpoint. Once all of the work is complete, they plan on helping the church rebuild their ministry.

"I believe we're planning on coming out here and having some joint worships with this congregation and just assist them to get back on their feet," said Gusewelle.

Recovering from a fire is never easy. But with help from these dedicated Spring Breakers and support from the entire First Baptist congregation, Fairview is well on its way to being a place of worship once again.