Moment of Silence Complaint

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A North Texas couple says the state's mandated moment of silence in public schools is unconstitutional.

David and Shannnon Croft filed the complaint in federal district court. The complaint says one of their children was told by an elementary school teacher to keep quiet because the minute is a "time for prayer."

The complaint filed last week names Governor Rick Perry and the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District.

David Croft says there is no secular reason for a moment of silence. In his words, the moment of silence is a "just a ruse to get prayer in school without calling it prayer in school."

A 2003 law established the moment of silence.

Perry spokeswoman Kathy Walt says children are free to use the minute of quiet time as they wish.

A school district spokeswoman declined comment because the district had not received a copy of the complaint.