Bryan City Council Considers Trolley System

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The Bryan City council is looking into how to make shopping and eating out in Bryan easier, and how to get College Station dollars in the Bryan economy.

"Whatever we can do to help the merchants and new businesses coming in I think we need to be looking at," Bryan city council member Russell Bradley said.

The Brazos Transit District presented a proposal to the council for a trolley system, an idea originated by members of the council and the downtown economic development corporation.

"We felt it would give people an opportunity to enjoy shopping and dining in downtown and live music at night as well," John Hendry with the development corporation said.

The trolley system would cost the city 158 thousand dollars per year. It would start at the Northgate Promenade and end in downtown Bryan.

The Transit District says the ride would be free. It would run from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The entire route would take an hour and it would stop at several popular places like Carney's and the La Salle Hotel along the way.

"The restaurants that are in the downtown area are not replicated in the Northgate area," John McBeth with the Brazos Transit District said. "It will give people access to those as well as clubs and the third floor Catina for special events.

The trolley system is only in the first stages of development, the council is only considering the proposal. But, if it's up to its several supporters, you'll be seeing these trolley's on the streets soon.

The city of College Station has also contacted the Brazos Transit System about a possible trolley route in the city.

A formal presentation has yet to be made.