District 18 Candidate Drops Out Again

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It was too late to pull Boehm's name from the ballot, but he thought his opponent Victoria's Bret Baldin would beat him, now Boehm has dropped out again.

News Three's Meredith Stancik sat down with Dr. Henry Boehm Thursday to ask him a few questions about his recent decisions.

Meredith "First of all why did you decide to drop out of the senate race?"

Dr. Henry Boehm "There were so many reasons. First there are things our legislature needs to do, certain things and I felt very moved to try to get these things, that I feel are so important, done. But when my wife and I started looking at the situation, we love to spend lots of time with our four married children and with our 11 grandchildren and we decided this is going to interfere with our family times together."

Meredith "Are you surprised you won the primary?"

Dr. Henry Boehm "Completely surprised, because I had announced back in February that I was not going to run the race. I spent no more money, I did no more speeches, and I never put up a single campaign sign. "

Meredith "Now that you have won, are you going to drop out again?"

Dr. Henry Boehm "I have decided that I am not going to run for the general election which will occur on the 7Th of November and they have promised me that they will take my name off the ballot this time."

Meredith "We talked with the state democratic party Thursday and they said by law they can't fill your spot. They said the republican candidate state representative Glenn Hegar will win the race. First of all, how does this make you feel, and do you think you've let down your political party?

Dr. Henry Boehm "It saddens me because I feel it's always good to have both sides of the question presented to the people and so it does sadden me."

In an official letter released this week Dr. Henry Boehm said he was elated by the primary win, and did consider his options. But, it was his obligations in other areas that prompted his decision to drop out. Boehm has a family practice in Brenham, teaches physicians at the Brazos Family Medicine Residency in Bryan-College Station, and serves as a board member for Blinn College.