Own a Piece of the Dixie Chicken

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Pieces of popular local hangouts, where lots of Aggies spent their time and money, will be available to own.

Dixie Chicken Inc. Is auctioning off a variety of items from the Dixie Chicken bar, Chicken Oil Company, and the night club formerly known as Shadow Canyon.

You can purchase bar stools, tables, antique style signs, and antlers, just to name a few. The auction will take place on Saturday March 25th at 10:07 AM at a warehouse near downtown Bryan. It will also be live on E-BAY.

" We've already received several e-mails from Aggies and former students that want to bid on the domino tables and bar stools and chairs so we know there's going to be a good amount of interest in the sale," said auctioneer, Craig Conlee.

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