How Medicare Plan Is Going for Seniors

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It's been over 2 months since the new medicare prescription drug program went into effect. Some seniors are experiencing a few hiccups. But others say it's been smooth sailing. We talked to some local seniors about how the plan is working for them so far.

"So far it's working real well for him, " said Dorothy Munday who helped her husband pick a medicare drug plan in January. She's happy to report they aren't having any problems so far.

"So he went in and the first time he picked up his prescription everything was fine," said Munday.

Brazos Valley seniors who haven't signed up yet are hoping the same will be the case for them. Many had a tough time choosing between the 40 different plans.

"It was mass confusion. We had no idea what we needed, what we wanted," said Pegi Wolbrueck. She was frustrated after spending countless hours going through all the medicare literature. Then she attended a help session hosted by the Brazos Valley Council of Governments and things started to make sense.

"There were a lot of seniors who were overwhelmed," said Ronnie Gipson with BVCOG.

Gipson has assisted hundreds of seniors seeking guidance on which plan was right for them. He also helped when they came back after experiencing trouble.

"Some of them were having problems or difficulties getting their prescriptions due to a number of reasons," said Gipson.

But over all Gipson says most people currently enrolled in our area are reaping the benefits of the plan and saving money.

The deadline to enroll is May 15th. If you need help, you can call the Council of Governments at 595- 2800.