Canine Partners for Life

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Just outside New Waverly in a blue trimmed white house, you'll find a young man and his dog, a partnership unlike any other.

Jimmy Hardy was born with cerebral palsy and is legally blind. He spent most of his life on crutches or a 4 prawn cane, before Drummer came along.

"We were told it could be up to a two year wait fortunately by the grace of God it was not for us," Jimmy said. "Within 2 months we were getting a response back that I had been accepted."

A Pennsylvania based program, Canine Partners for Life, matched Jimmy with Drummer.

"Drummer means a lot more independence for me I would not live in my own trailer over there if it were not for Drummer I'd still be living in this house with my mom and dad," Jimmy said.

Drummer helps Jimmy walk, picks him up if he falls, and goes for help if Jimmy needs it. Now Jimmy's family and friends are lending a hand to the program that handed them Drummer.

"Paws America has been a way for us to try to give back to an organization that we cannot ever give back to," Jimmy's mom Sue Hardy said.

"I'm helping raise money to get more service dogs to help kids like Jimmy," Jimmy's friend five-year-old Annie Williams said.

A young girl's wish for an organization that allows her friend, Jimmy to feed his chickens, live on his own, and have a life he never dreamed he could have.

"We need your support so that other people can have the shot at the independence I have had," Jimmy said.

A paws America walk will take place Saturday, March 25 at the veterinary hospital in New Waverly. Besides a walk, there will be games, and a parade of dogs. All money will go to Canine Partners for life.

For more information you can contact Sue Hardy at 936-291-6737.