Hearing Set for Seized Puppies

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For now 28 puppies have a new home at the Brazos Animal Shelter. Saturday they were seized by College Station police from the Puppy Store in Post Oak Mall.

"We've had several complaints off an on over the last several months about issues involving the store. We've had some personnel that's been there to check it, some animal control officers have been doing an investigation," said Lieutenant Scott Simpson of the College Station Police Department.

But police won't comment on the nature of the complaints being investigated. In fact, authorities aren't saying much of anything about the seizure. However, they do confirm along with the animals, they also confiscated store business records dating back to October 2005.

"(We) obtained a warrant to search and seize some records so that we have records of inventory and sales. We have other folks we can contact and records of vet care," said Simpson.

The Brazos Animal Shelter was able to accommodate all the seized the puppies, but it has put an added stress on the staff.

"It's a lot of extra work for the staff. Usually that means overtime," said Kelley Durham of the Brazos Animal Shelter.

Durham says in addition to caring for the animals, the shelter has been inundated with phone calls.

"We've gotten a number of phone calls of people concerned about the condition of the dogs we've also had a lot of people wondering what is the next step," said Durham.

That step will be a Wednesday court hearing to determine if the animals have been abused or neglected.

So far, no one has been arrested and representatives from the Puppy Store refuse to comment. Until then, the investigation continues with many questions left unanswered.