$2.5 Million Drug Bust in Washington County

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A major find on a vacant ranch in Washington County after law enforcement seize more than 1,000 marijuana plants being grown in a field.

It's a discovery worth millions of dollars.

An illegal drug operation has been stopped in its tracks near Old Washington in Washington County.

Over the weekend an estimated $2.5 million marijuana-growing operation was uncovered from a 128 acre vacant ranch near F-M 1155 East after a tip from a landowner.

"They had it obscured in a way so that if you were walking, hunting for that you would probably not find it or see it from the air," said Sheriff Otto Hanak of Washington County.

Sheriff Hanak is just two months on the job and says the person who owns the property lives out of the county and gave permission to search the ranch.

"Looking at 1,600 or so plants of marijuana, we actually physically took into our custody a little over 650 and the rest of those plants were either too small to harvest and enter into evidence so we just, we destroyed those," he said.

These 600 marijuana plants were growing for several weeks. Now the investigation continues to identify and arrest the suspects who were growing them.

No one was on site when Sheriff's Deputies and State Troopers arrived but a tent and other evidence was left behind from whoever's been growing and staying in the woods.

"We're going to aggressively search and destroy the criminal elements that tend to prey upon our community," Hanak warned.

A discovery causing investigators to question if more marijuana growing operations are happening just out of site.

Sheriff Hanak doesn't believe the landowner was aware of the growing operation on the property.

Another growing operation was discovered in Washington County last July when 3,000 marijuana plants were seized at a property on Highway 105 at Husemann Road.

That find was about halfway between Brenham and Navasota.

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Washington County Sheriff's Office make a drug bust worth millions of dollars.

A tip on Sunday led deputies to a marijuana growing operation off of F.M. 1155 in between Brenham and Navasota.

On the 128 acre ranch, officers found nearly 1,000 marijuana plants and two campsites. The estimated value is about $2.5 million. Deputies took about 700 plants as evidence and the rest were destroyed on the property.

There were no suspects on the scene at the time and the case is still under investigation.