Community Emergency Response Team

This type of incident would have been something the Brazos Valley Narcotics Task Force would have handled. But with no more funding from the governor’s office, other options are in the works to control the growing drug problem as well as other crimes.

"The concept we're trying to organize now is actually to take a criminal enterprise, whether that would be a burglary ring or a theft ring or a gang, and actually direct investigative units to that particular problem," Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk said.

While the governor’s office won't grant money for drug task forces, there is the possibility it would for a CERT team, but how much is still unknown.

Sheriff Chris Kirk says the benefits of the team are clear, plus the group could act as a resource for other law enforcement efforts.

"Any one of our partner agencies at any time could then ask for the help of the team and we could augment all their resources they'll be able to apply a multitude of officers to a direct problem," Kirk said.

Grimes County and the Bryan and College Station Police Departments have been notified about the team. Their involvement is yet to be determined, but Bryan PD is supporting the idea.

"When major crimes occur or crime patterns it can be very taxing on resources, and having a group that could be called or used to address that it would be a win-win all the way around for us," Bryan Assistant Police Chief Freddie Komar said.

The grant application will be submitted to the governor’s office in the next two weeks. Until then the planning will continue.