Puppies Returned to Owner

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A College Station pet store owner feels vindicated after a judge's decision to return his animals. 23 year old Justin Sitz, owner of The Puppy Store in Post Oak Mall had all of his animals seized Saturday.
But Wednesday a judge ruled that nearly all be returned.

" We've got nothing to hide. I think we proved that today with what happened," said Sitz.

Sitz says his puppy store was always clean and the animals well taken care of, so he didn't understand why College Station animal control officers raided his store and seized 28 puppies.

Authorities say they received numerous complaints that the dogs were sick and living in unsanitary conditions.

" This was more of a public health issue. What they had in College Station was several complaints that animals being sold to the store were having to go immediately to vet care and there were many that were having communicable diseases," said Brazos County Attorney, Spencer Giles.

Giles and Sitz's attorney, Lane Thibodeaux, presented evidence and witnesses in a 5 hour long administrative hearing to decide whether or not the puppies should be returned. Judge George Boyett ruled that all but 2 dogs who were diagnosed with a common respiratory disease by a vet be returned.

" We're a little unhappy with the animal control board. Obviously the puppy store has had to go through a tremendous amount of expense to come and defend itself. While we understand that they were doing their job, this is an example of what happens when good intentions run a muck," said Thibodeaux.

Sitz says he's willing to work with animal control in the future to prevent any problems.

" Finding out exactly what animal control really wants from me. I'd be happy to sit down and get some kind of form were they can come in once a month, weekly whatever the case may be to check the store," said Sitz.

Now that Sitz has his puppies back he plans to work hard to gain his reputation back as well.