Northgate Changes

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The strip of restaurants near the Northgate promenade and the residential area down the road may look different, but both are part of Northgate and the vision of the College Station City Council.

"When people think of College Station they think of Northgate, and we are trying very hard to make it something the citizens can be very proud of, as well as when we have visitors come to the area they will enjoy going to Northgate," College Station Mayor Pro Tem John Happ said.

The Northgate area runs from South College to Wellborn and from University Drive to the City of Bryan. And the three areas of Northgate, historic, commercial, and residential will look a little different in the future.

"Over the next five years there will be significant changes in the district," Charles Wood with the City of College Station said.

The city envisions office buildings, restaurants, research facilities, and retail locations all in one spot. Part of the council's vision is that the area be pedestrian friendly, allowing students and visitors to walk from campus to Northgate.

"The idea is to create a higher density area that's conducive to students and to a lot of other demographic groups that are out there both in the community and visiting," Wood said.

Developers both locally and nationally are already interested in investing 100-million dollars to the area, and some projects have already begun. This summer, construction should begin on GameDay, a residential complex for those over 55. But as far as the market driving the area's development, the city says it will take the reins.

"When you say is it market driven... not necessarily," Happ said, "we want to drive this and we want to drive it to a friendly area for our citizens and our visitors."