Fire Breaks Out at Caldwell High

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An investigation is underway after a fire broke out at Caldwell High Friday night.

Around 7:30pm, spectators at a nearby high school baseball game noticed thick smoke pouring out of the school's roof. After quick call to 911, emergency responders were on the scene in minutes.

"When we arrived on the scene, we noticed there was smoke on the north end of the building," said Melissa Luttrell with the Caldwell Fire Department. "Entry was made by Caldwell Fire Department. We asked for assistance from Deanville, Somerville and Snook fire departments to help us extinguish the fire."

Authorities say the fire broke out in a science lab, but they still don't know what started it. There was significant damage to some classroom ceilings, resulting in the removal of insulation. Blowers have been set up to try to remove the smoke.