No Voluntary Resignations in Navasota for Schools

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Last week, Superintendent Jennings Teel issued a statement saying the district is trying to avoid operating in the red.

He said to avoid a deficit, some support staff positions would be cut.

At the same time, teachers, administrators and other staff are expected to receive a 3% raise.

Teel says a lack of increase in state funding doesn't leave Navasota with any other choice but to cut back.

Teel and other school board members refused to comment on how much of a budget short fall the school is facing.

One school board member says no one on the support staff has come forward to resign.

Folks in Navasota say they aren't surprised.

"In this day and age as hard as times are, would you want to quit your job just because it's a voluntary thing? No I don't think so. I wouldn't volunteer to shut my business down just because somebody says that they've run out of money, just something ain't right," said T.C. Sanders.

News Three spoke with several members of the support staff off camera.

They say they believe it's a case of mismanaged funds that has nothing to do with the legislature.