Watercraft Racing at Lake Bryan

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Some local folks enjoy motorcycle style racing so much, that they took it to the water.

This weekend, watercraft racers flocked to Lake Bryan.

The racers say they bring their boats or jet skis out once a month from April to September, all in an effort to accumulate points and improve their standings.

A 1.7 mile track was set up with buoys, and races can sometimes take up to an hour.

There are events for several different kinds of boats, and participants say they can use the boat for many different things.

"You can come out here with a stock family recreational boat and race and it doesn't cost you a lot of money and its still a boat you can take out with the family as soon as the race is done, put some more gas in it and the pull the kids tubing," said Tim Hamff.

Races are also held at Lake Somerville and the championship is at Lake Lewisville.