Cooks Trial Begins

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Patience Cooks was arrested last March, and charged with murdering her boyfriend.
Police say Lorenzo Allen, who was married to another woman and dating Cooks, was killed when Cooks caught him with a third woman.
Cooks maintains her innocence. Today her attorneys started building a case focusing on Lorenzo Allen's abusive past.
While the prosecution maintains Cooks was full of rage.

"I've been stabbed, I'm going to die as the victim spoke those words with each beat of his heart it pumped out the blood from his body into his chest he knew he was going to die those were the last words Lorenzo Allen ever spoke," the prosecution said during their opening argument.

The state set their case Tuesday against Patience Cooks, a woman they say was angry enough to kill

"Patience Cooks the defendant in this case in a fit of rage born of jealousy jammed a kitchen knife 3 and 1/2 inches into his chest penetrating his cartilage, his lung, and then into his heart," the prosecution said.

The defense painted a different picture, one of an abused woman who had enough.

"He's got something in his hand and she thinks it's a knife and when she's walking towards him she says you ain't going to hit me no more cause today I'm going to fight back and when he came and he made that motion she reached down there was a knife on the table and she stabbed him one time," the defense said during their opening argument.

It was at the Golden Arms Apartments, police say Cooks confronted Allen on the morning of March 26 of last year. She apparently found him with another woman, Shaunte Johnson. Johnson testified Cooks was angry and pushed Allen to the wall before stabbing him.

The defense claims it was Allen's abusive past, that drove Cooks to the edge.

Allen was on probation for assaulting his wife, and the defense claims he also beat Cooks several times.

Johnson, The woman Allen was with at the time of the murder, testified, saying Lorenzo Allen was a nice man. A witness testimony, the prosecution hopes will build their case.

Also testifying today were two detectives with the College Station Police Department, and a doctor who treated Allen.
Allen was taken to the College Station Medical Center by friends who were at the apartment at the time of the murder. During Tuesday's testimony it was said they refused to call 911 because they had outstanding warrants. Two of those friends took to the stand Tuesday.
Patience Cooks is expected to take the stand in her own defense.